Projects in Hod Hasharon

Projects in Hod Hasharon

NOY at HaSargel Street, Hod Hasharon

NOY at HaSargel Street, Hod Hasharon

Two sustainable, innovative luxury buildings in an attractive location in Hod Hasharon’s 1200 Complex. A diverse mix of apartments offering meticulous architectural design of 3-to-6-room apartments, garden apartments and luxury penthouses.

NOY Complex, Hod Hasharon

NOY Complex, Hod Hasharon

A sustainable and unique complex comprising 3 eleven-floor buildings and a diverse mix of about 120 apartments. The project is located south of the 1200 Complex in Hod Hasharon and is characterized by innovative planning.

Noy at Ben Gamla Street, Hod Hasharon

Noy at Ben Gamla Street, Hod Hasharon

A luxurious boutique building perfectly located at the best locale in Hod Hasharon, facing an open panorama of endless fields.

Cochvan Street, Hod Hasharon

Cochvan Street, Hod Hasharon

Cottages with exceptionally high-end finishes, rich technical specifications and attention paid down to the very last detail.

HaSahlav Street, Hod Hasharon

HaSahlav Street, Hod Hasharon

A gated community of semi-detached cottages in Hod Hasharon.

HaYarmouk Street, Hod Hasharon

HaYarmouk Street, Hod Hasharon

The Yarmouk project was constructed in the western neighborhood of Hod Hasharon. These are cottages with exceptionally high-end finishes, rich technical specifications and attention paid down to the very last detail.

NOY at Hameyasdim Street, Hod Hasharon

NOY at Hameyasdim Street, Hod Hasharon

High standard picture-perfect semi-detached cottages in the coveted Ramat Hadar neighborhood of Hod Hasharon.

Hod Hasharon

Altneuland Group has been leading the construction and development in Hod Hasharon for many years, a city that in recent years has become one of the most coveted locations in the center of the country. The dozens of units that have already been marketed and populated are just a small part of a whole fabric of prestigious and intriguing housing solutions that we offer that are currently in various stages of marketing, construction and population and many other projects in land reserves in western and eastern Hod Hasharon.

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Our Expertise

Projects in prime locations

Adherence to the uncompromising quality of planning and execution

Sustainable construction and implementation of innovative and advanced technologies

Luxury standard and down to the smallest details

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Address: 96 Ramatayim Road, Hod Hasharon, Israel

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    “The dream is not so different from the deed” from "Altneuland" by Benjamin Zeev Herzl

    Already from the planning stages and even in the process of selecting the lands of projects in Hod Hasharon, what stands before our eyes is the well-being of the tenants and buyers. We make sure to choose winning locations near shops and commercial areas, access roads to major points in the country, public transportation and community centers, and build to our highest construction standard, which actually provides housing solutions for families at the highest level. Let’s get acquainted with the various projects that have already been marketed and populated as well as new projects in Hod Hasharon where you can too, but first of all, before we talk about Hod Hasharon new projects and construction reserves, let’s talk about the principles that guide us here in Altneuland.

    Luxury and comfort in the first place:

    We believe that a home is much more than four walls and strive to provide a luxurious living experience to each of the buyers who choose us. From this, we have chosen to build units in Ramat Hasharon to the highest standard – from spacious cottages and semi-detached houses with gardens and pools to boutique buildings that allow for a particularly spacious and intimate shared living experience. From the meticulous architectural design aimed at a comfortable life at the highest level to the choice of the finest raw materials we use – prestige and quality of life are always with us first.

    Full transparency and personal treatment:

    The process of buying a home is a very important stage in the life of a great many people. In these moments, it is important that you have professionals who will give you the quickest and most detailed answer, be attentive to any claim or misunderstanding that may arise, explain to you the smallest details in the legal aspect and assist you in any change or adjustment you may wish to make. This is how we have acted since the beginning of our journey and this is an important principle that we will not compromise on in any way.

    Green building:

    Green construction and in general the pro-environmental concept are the future, but today construction companies are not obliged to go that route. We believe there is no other option and therefore make sure to meet an international standard of green construction that includes the use of green building materials, advanced waste removal and landfill techniques, installation of smart electrical systems in our various projects and other smart systems like advanced tools for monitoring and air control. This means for our buyers a much more advanced and up-to-date residence, environmental protection and significant energy savings that ultimately translates into financial savings.

    Our projects in Hod Hasharon:

    • NOY Founders Project Hod Hasharon: Out of a variety of marketing projects in Hod Hasharon that we offer, this is one of the most prestigious and interesting projects. Two-family cottages with rich and prestigious specifications and precise and meticulous planning, all in the perfect meeting place in the sought-after Ramat Hadar neighborhood in Hod Hasharon. These data have made the said project one of the most sought after in the city and those interested are advised to contact us as soon as possible regarding the latest units still on the shelf.
    • NOY Ben Gamla project: 23 housing units over 10 floors in the most boutique and prestigious building in the area. A variety of four- and five-room apartments and other special boutique units to upgrade the experience.
    • Citrus project in Ramat Hadar: The most sought-after neighborhood in Hod Hasharon, as mentioned, and this is without a doubt the most prestigious flagship project in the city. Prestigious private villas with careful and luxurious planning at the highest level, including a wide courtyard, pool, covered parking and even a private cinema room.
    • Orchid Street Hod Hasharon: private garden, private street, very spacious and mostly quiet. This fully marketed project offers a rural living experience, an intimate sense of community and lots of privacy on a dead-end Dutch street for neighborhood residents only and all of course in Altneuland’s high standard of construction.
    • The Yarmouk Project in the west of the city: a luxury residential experience in the west of the city in the perfect location next to educational institutions, commercial centers and major access roads to all parts of the country. After the success of the first part of the project its second part was established and all the units in the two phases so far have been successfully marketed.
    • The star project in the west of the city: another successful project in the flower neighborhood in a rural and quiet atmosphere in one of the most coveted areas in the city. The high construction standard of the units that have already been sold wonderfully demonstrates the down to the smallest details that we strive for in our construction process.

    פרויקט הוד השרון הוא מיזם נדל”ני שהולך ומתפתח על פי החזון שלנו מזה שנים ארוכות. ממש כמו שאפשר לראות באחד הפרויקטים הותיקים שלנו בשכונת תל דן בעיר, אנחנו שמים את הדגש על היוקרה ועל המפרט העשיר והמפנק, מיישמים טכניקות של בנייה ירוקה וחכמה ונותנים לרוכשים שלנו ערך מוסף וחווית מגורים שאי אפשר למצוא בשום מקום אחר. במערב העיר, מרבית עתודות הקרקע הן בבעלותינו ואנו מתכננים עוד עשרות פרויקטים מעניינים שייבנו ברוח הזו. אם אתם מחפשים חווית מגורים יוקרתית באמת במרכז הארץ, זה הזמן להצטרף לתנופת הבנייה והדיור שלנו כאן באלטנוילנד.