NOY at 12 Adam Hacohen Street

NOY at 12 Adam Hacohen Street

Architect: Omer Rabin | Status: After board decision

In a classic Tel Aviv neighborhood, on the sought-after Adam Hacohen Street, Altneuland Group is constructing another Tel Aviv classic – a luxurious boutique building featuring a unique style. The building will house 27 variously configured apartments in a variety of sizes, intelligently planned and meticulously designed – for a rare, high-quality residential experience.

NOY at 12 Adam Hacohen Street
"We will plant for our sons, as our fathers did"
(From "Altneuland" by Benjamin Zeev Herzl)

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Address: 96 Ramatayim Road, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Phone: 073-7326699

Another Phone: *8829


    “The dream is not so different from the deed” from "Altneuland" by Benjamin Zeev Herzl