Noy at Ben Gamla Street, Hod Hasharon

Noy at Ben Gamla Street, Hod Hasharon

Architect: Eyal Apel | Status: In planning

In the heart of Hod Hasharon, at a convenient and accessible location, an impressive and elegant building is to be constructed. The project comprises 10 floors featuring a choice of varied apartments in different sizes. Each apartment will have the standards and quality expected from Altneuland Group and offer the same magnificent view of endless fields. Esteemed architect Eyal Appel heads the planning and design, lending his particular style to the project.

Noy at Ben Gamla Street, Hod Hasharon
"We will plant for our sons, as our fathers did"
(From "Altneuland" by Benjamin Zeev Herzl)

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Address: 96 Ramatayim Road, Hod Hasharon, Israel

Phone: 073-7326699

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    “The dream is not so different from the deed” from "Altneuland" by Benjamin Zeev Herzl